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Our company  entered the seafood merchandise business in 1980 by exporting its shellfish  in countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Israel. Towards the end of the 80s we acquired mussel farms and directly constructed our first mussel rehabilitation  and packaging facilities in the area of Litohoro, Pieria . Since then, we keep on exporting our products  to our customers in a responsible, respectful and consistent way.
In 2008 , we've constructed  new, modern facilities in the area of Kitros, Pieria. Within a building of 1200m2  we have installed machinery that follows revolutionary methods for the  mussel processing  thus making them  more suitable than ever for human consumption.
Under the brand name Mytilos, we supply the Greek and European market  with our products using various types of packaging that  satisfy every possible desire.  Aiming high, we do our best so as to be able to satisfy any customer's needs  present and  future ones.